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Exeter Cultural Partnership represents the city’s creative practitioners and cultural organisations.  While ECP is not a funding body, its mission is to contribute to a vibrant, creative and culturally rich quality of life for residents and visitors to Exeter. ECP’s social media network (Ning) has more than 530 members across the wider city area.

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Our Mission

Our mission as a partnership is to contribute to a city where a vibrant cultural life enriches the experience of everyone living in, working in and visiting Exeter. Once the new Steering Group is in place, our first priority will be to co-create a Cultural Strategy for the city, which builds on the Cultural Action Plan produced in 2013:

With the support of Exeter City Council and Arts Council England, ECP undertook in-depth consultation with the city’s cultural sector, producing key findings that informed the Plan.

The Plan’s Strategic Aim is ‘To develop Exeter as a culturally vibrant city’

The four Goals are:
Goal 1 – To develop a vibrant cultural economy – Exeter as a cultural destination
Goal 2 – To develop cultural opportunities and experiences
Goal 3 – To enable wide and diverse engagement with the cultural sector
Goal 4 – To build a stronger, more confident cultural sector

The Plan is co-owned with Exeter City Council, ensuring that culture is embedded in the plans that will shape the city of the future. Named as one of the five priorities in the City Council’s five-year strategic plan, culture is acknowledged as a major contributor to the city’s prosperity and growth.