Evaluation and Forward Planning

Monitoring and Evaluating Your Volunteer Programme

Why monitor and evaluate a volunteer programme?

  • To demonstrate the impact that volunteers have on your organisation, both in terms of their contribution and their economic value
  • To identify areas in your volunteer programme that may need improvement
  • Funders may require you to monitor and evaluate your volunteer programme

Baseline data that it may be useful to collect:

  • Total number of volunteers
  • Total number of volunteer hours in a particular time frame
  • The economic benefits of volunteers (time in kind)

Exit Questionnaire

If a volunteer does leave your organization, then an exit questionnaire or informal chat will help to highlight what you do really well and might reveal issues in your organisation that need addressing.

Exit questionnaires and chats are a useful tool for monitoring how you engage volunteers. Remember that people leaving your organisation are likely to be more candid than they would otherwise be.

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